The Wild Sister Pay-What-You-Can sale is officially over – and I’m officially enrolled in B-School! Woohoo! 😀 A huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped me achieve this goal by buying a PWYC bundle, you all ROCK so damn much!


Last week, I heard about Marie Forleo’s B-School. I love her blog and her videos, and learned so much from her B-School launch videos that I decided I wanted to enroll.

As successfull and wonderful my Wild Sister business has been since I started it almost a year ago, I know it can do so much better. But I’m at a point now where I have no idea what the next step is, and there are so many little things I don’t know about running a business, especially in regards to marketing. I want to be as passionate about marketing as Marie is, I want all the love I have for Wild Sister and all the women who read it to come through in every part of my business. I know B-School can help me do all this and more.

B-School costs $1999. Honestly, when I saw that number I didn’t think I could do it. But I started thinking about how worth it it would be, how doing B-School can teach me what I need to know and do to get my business to where I want it to be. So, as I wrote on the Wild Sister blog, I cranked up my imagineering brain, opened my heartspace + let the ideas flow.

Almost immediately, I had an idea to offer a Pay-What-You-Can deal. I know there are so many women who want to buy the magazine but can’t afford it or haven’t yet seen the value of Wild Sister. Offering a PWYC bundle would not only help raise the money for B-School, but would also inspire and empower a lot of new Wild Sister readers. I also wanted to see how the Wild Sister community would react; I envision our Sisterhood being able to band together to support women’s right and causes we believe in, so this could be a great way to see just how supportive and powerful our Wild Sisters are.

This idea had me so pumped and so excited that I spent all day Saturday working on it, temporarily scrapping my rule of no work or email on weekends. I wrote the blog post, sent out the newsletter and set up the store to offer the Issues 1-10 Pay-What-You-Can Bundle.

The response was instantaneous. Now, a few days later, the sales are still coming in, and I think they’ll continue to do so until it ends on Monday 21st.

While a majority of people are choosing to pay $5 and getting 10 issues for the price of one, a lot of very kind, very generous women are paying $10, $15 and $20 – which is still an awesome deal seeing as this bundle is worth $47 – and some wonderful ladies are sharing on Facebook and Twitter, too.

I only need 200 women to buy the bundle at $10, or 100 to buy it at $20, to get into B-School. It is SO doable. I can feel it.

It makes me so happy to know that women who always wanted to read Wild Sister but didn’t have the money can now read almost every issue.

With every sale, I’m getting closer to B-School and another woman is getting a huge dose of inspiration and empowerment. Everyone wins!

As I wrote on the WS blog, I want to get into B-School, work my little butt off and learn everything I can about running a business so I can make Wild Sister the kickass empowerment machine I know it is destined to be. This isn’t just a massive sale, this a Call To Action.

By helping me get into B-School, women aren’t just buying a bundle or sharing a tweet, they’re investing in a Wild Sisterhood that can change the world.


Thank you so much to everyone who has already bought a bundle, you rock!



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Via Pinterest.

Synchronicity is beautiful. It’s magical. It’s effervescent.

It’s moments like this one:

Last week, I heard about the benefits of Pinto beans for health and made a mental note to text Mike to pick some up on the way home so we can mix ’em in to our vegan burritos that night. I forgot.

A couple of hours later Mike called to say he was at the supermarket and was going to get the veggies and Pinto beans. Confused, I asked ‘Did I text you about the Pinto beans?’ to which he replied, ‘No… I don’t even know why I said ‘Pinto’. That’s weird. What are they?’

Or this moment:

The other night, Mike and I were having a conversation about burn-out and how important it is to put yourself first and take care of yourself before you can truly help anyone else. Mike related it to the pre-flight safety talk we always hear on planes, “You need to put on your own oxygen mask first before you help anyone else with theirs.”

“That’s an awesome way to describe it!” I said, “I might write about that on the blog soon. Can you remind me about it tomorrow?”

We both forgot.

The next day, a package arrives. It’s The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte, much earlier than Amazon’s estimated arrival date of June 1st. I jump up and down in excitement, make a cup of white tea, sit down at the kitchen table and start reading. Countless mindgasms and ‘Aha! Moments’ later, I reach page 13, and see this line:


“I would put on my own oxygen mask first.”


My jaw dropped. I sat for a moment, staring at the page, connecting the dots and wondering if it could just be a coincidence. But I don’t believe in coincidences – hell, ‘Everything happens for a reason’ is practically my catchphrase.

Mike reacted in the same jaw-dropping, eye-popping way when I showed him, too.


Via Pinterest.


So, as I’m not one to ignore the signs of the Universe, I give you a post about putting on your own oxygen mask first.

Everyone’s oxygen mask is different. For some people, spending a day at a health spa or a weekend in the woods reading Walden keeps their soul alive, while for others it could be daily rituals like a morning run, a mid-afternoon soy cappuccino, or a solo karaoke performance in the car on the way to work.

It doesn’t matter what it is, what’s most important is that you know what you need to do/have/think/say/experience to breathe life into your soul.

An easy way to figure out what your oxygen mask looks like is to take inventory of the things that relax you, that invigorate you, that excite you.

What activities or rituals make it feel easier for you to breathe?


What are you doing when you feel the most peaceful? The most joyful?


When do you feel the most love?


What makes you feel so much love that you can actually feel it soaring out of your heart and into the space around you?


What were you doing the last time you felt completely, authentically, irrevocably, you?


Whatever the answers to those questions are, there lies your oxygen mask.

There will most likely be more than one activity or ritual there, which is great because you can alternate or even combine them all together to create one mega-awesome super-charged oxygen mask.

I have a few different oxygen masks. When I’m feeling drained and overwhelmed, I gather up some candles, incense and a book and go soak in a hot bubble bath for a few hours, just relaxing, reading, and enjoying the privacy.

Other oxygen masks of mine include painting, making a fruit smoothie or green juice, going for a walk, hanging out with people who make me laugh, or just going to bed early with a cup of tea and a book.

By making time for some or all of these rituals everyday, I’m ensuring my mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. These are the things that help me thrive. These are the rituals that help me breathe my art, shine my light, share my love, and fill my soul.

I put on my own oxygen mask first.

What does your oxygen mask look like? What brings air to your lungs and life to your soul?

I’m ending with another moment of synchronicity that happened. Just This. Very. Second.

I recently watched What The Bleep Do We Know for the first time in years, and was in awe of a particular scene in which Dr. Joe Dispenza talks about how he creates his day. Yesterday, my beautiful friend Brenda of Love Infinitely Project tweeted me a photo of a paragraph from a book she’s reading, about stardust and molecules and quantum physics. This immediately reminded me of What The Bleep Do We Know, and sparked a conversation about it between Brenda and I.

Today, as I typed this, I clicked over to Pinterest to search for a photo to go with this post. I typed ‘Synchronicity’ into the search tab and what appeared on my screen? A video of that exact scene with Dr. Joe Dispenza. So here it is:





Well, 30 Days Of Beauty 2012 has come to an end. I really enjoyed declaring my beauty, and I especially enjoyed doing something different this year by adding video and Instagram to the mix. Sometimes, creating an #imbeautifulbecause photo was the highlight of my day, and it really made me look for beauty not just in me, but in my surroundings, in life itself. And what you seek, you shall find.

If you look for the beautiful parts of life, the magical (and it’s always there), you will always see that there is more light than dark. And of course, if you always look for the ugly parts of life, the tragic, you will always find it, too. Because you see what you are. If you’re holding on to past hurts, anger or hatred, you will only see more reasons to get  hurt, angry and hateful. But if you find the courage to let go of the past (because it doesn’t really exist anyway), and see everything and everyone as an invitation to love more, then you will see the unlimited magic, truth and beauty – that is the only true reality.

As Einstein said:


“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”


Am I sounding zen today? I’ve been learning these lessons a lot recently. Love over fear. Seek and you shall find. You attract what you are. Only love is real. And I’m sure I’ll be learning them again and again in new ways and through different people and situations until they are a part of my soul.


Photo from Spirit Junkie, by Gabrielle Bernstein.



Here are some of my favourite tweets from this week:

‏ @smashedplanet #imbeautifulbecause I know my feelings are just as important as anyone elses.

@Kristie_Ryan #imbeautifulbecause I no longer see the “flaws” on my body that I used to be concerned about.


Thank you so much to everyone who participated, donated and declared their beauty to the world. You are all truly beaYOUtiful!

Keep Smiling!