‘Listen,’ invites Spirit.

‘Stand tall,’ says the tree.

‘Spread your wings,’ chirps the bird.

‘Be still,’ whispers the mountain.

‘Let go,’ sings the river.

‘Open your heart,’ smiles the flower.

‘Awaken,’ breathes the sky.

‘Shine your light,’ urges the sun.

‘Love your darkness,’ pleads the moon.

‘Dream your dream,’ twinkles the stars.

‘Trust me,’ winks the Universe.

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2 Responses to Nature’s Guide To Life

  1. The Bold Life says:

    You just keep getting better. We’ll look back someday and say “Remember when?” So happy to be with you on the journey! I’m sending a link to my 83 year old friend in Michigan today. She’s a watercolor artist and I just know she’ll love your art! xo

  2. Sheri says:

    LOVE this! It will be great written on the family chalkboard…XOXO

    Oh yes, how nature encourages all of us to hold our heads high!

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