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As I sit here in my office drinking tea, looking out the window at the sun shining on the grass and the leaves of Autumn dancing in the wind, listening to jazz music and birds singing, feeling so grateful for all the love that surrounds and permeates me, it’s hard to believe that this world is anything short of Really-Super-Duper-Awesome-Magical-And-Miraculous.

These love-filled moments are becoming a daily occurance for me as I continue to choose love and expect miracles, and it makes me wonder…


What if the entire Universe is the most fun and totally rockin adventure park ever, and the Earth is just one of the many spectacular rides?


What if our time here is an awesome roller coaster ride for our Spirits that we just take too damn seriously sometimes?

What if the whole point of this life is to enjoy every second, to feel the thrill of the ups and downs, to surrender control and let the rollercoaster take us where we’re meant to go?

What if, once our rollercoaster ride on Earth is over, we can zip around the entire Universe on galactic go-karts?

What if our Spirits get to spend all of eternity dancing among the stars, sliding down the Milky Way, and painting bright colours onto faraway planets?

What if that’s exactly what we were doing before we decided to jump on this rollercoaster ride?


What if this is Heaven?


What would the world and everyone in it look like to you if you embraced the perception that we’re already in Heaven?

Would sunshine on your window be an unnoticed daily occurance or a wonderous miracle?

Would love be something from a fairytale or the essence of who you are?

Would your friends, family, and even strangers be random people or Angels assigned to the task of leading you home to love?

Would you be just another person making ends meet or a carefully chosen Miracle Worker, a messenger to spread love and peace to everyone you meet?

Would the Earth be a ball of dirt that we own or would it be a living, breathing miracle that is the sole reason (or soul reason) we are living, breathing miracles, too?

Would coincidences and synchronicities be random accidents or planned blessings designed to guide us effortlessly toward our destiny?

Would every person on this Earth be seperate beings, segregated into different labels and hierarchies, or would we all be sparks from the same flame?

Would fear, anger, hate and lack be responses to an unfair world or an invitation to love? Would fear, anger, hate and lack even exist at all?

Would love be a commodity we only give to certain people or would it be a state of mind, a way of living, as essential and accessible and easy as breathing?

Would religion be opposing constructs and institutions or simply different paths to the same Paradise, branches from the same Tree of Life?

Would children be idealistic dreamers who need to be trained and taught about the ‘realities’ of life or would they be the purest kind of Angels, here to remind us older Angels how to live and how to love?

Would animals be faceless creatures that are only here to take their place in the food chain or would they be living, breathing miracles just like us?

Would food be chemical-laden fillers to our emotional wounds or a source of nutrients, health, wellbeing and life?

Would the world be an unfair, tough and scary place to live or a perfectly orchestrated adventureland ripe with never-ending opportunities and permeated with happiness and infinite love?


Well, that’s entirely up to you.


As for me, I much prefer to love everything.


Here are a few things I’ve found love in recently…


Fallen flower petals.


Buzzing bees at my window.

Spotting flowers in my chai.


Waking up to rainbows.

Sunshine kissing green grass.

Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein. This book has changed my life. Seriously.

Flowers, jars, wine bottles and teapots.

Dancing dogs.


Finding beauty in the oddest of places.


β€œThere are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
~ Albert Einstein


Enjoy the ride,

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12 Responses to What if? Musings on the Universe, Heaven + Miracles.

  1. Alia says:

    Oh how I love this post. Thank you!!!

  2. Jess Morrow says:

    Jen, I LOVED this post. Seriously–you have no idea how uplifted I felt after reading it. Nice!!!!!

    • Jen Saunders says:

      Thank you! I felt uplifted writing it! It was so blissfully enlightening to feel those words flow through me. I have re-read it a few times since to remind myself how magical this world is xoxo

  3. My heart is near bursting from the beauty in this post ~ it absolutely describes how I live my life but in such a beautiful and whimsical way…thank you!

  4. Kathy Stowell says:

    Hi Jen ~ I found you in a few different places today. Last spot was ROTH and LOVED your article there. You are brilliant and a kindred spirit πŸ™‚ I’m also enrolled in bschool and I will see you there! Off to pick up a wildsister πŸ˜‰

  5. Natella Mammadova says:

    This post is absolutely fantastic amazing and awesome! It’s like reading from a soul sister – but we all are connected after all! πŸ™‚ Thank you for this post and to the Universe for letting me find you! I’m going to explore more of your blog! πŸ™‚

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