Week 2 of 30 Days Of Beauty has been a very creative week for me, so I thought I would make an extra creative video to finish it. I used some of my photos from Instagram app, the TypoInsta app, and the Vimeo app to create the video, and I’m using the WordPress app to create this post. Doesn’t technology kick ass? 😀



How You Can Help:

30 Days Of Beauty 2012 is supporting Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Foundation! Donate to this amazing cause through our crowdrise page by clicking here or on button above. {We are not official representatives of the BTWFoundation, just passionate believers in the cause.}

And tweet, blog, vlog, and share what puts the YOU in beaYOUtiful every day in April. Use the hashtag #imbeautifulbecause.


Take a look at some of the wonderful women declaring their true beauty on Twitter:

‏ @wowwnayy #ImBeautifulBecause I can love my son for both me and his dad

‏ @Kristie_Ryan #imbeautifulbecause I can forgive myself. {And THANK YOU so much to Kristie for donating! You ROCK! :D}

@SpiritBlessing #imbeautifulbecause I love who I am and what I do.

‏ @joychristin #imbeautifulbecause even when I’m afraid I open my heart to the experience ♥

@jessica_morrow #imbeautifulbecause I pick myself up and try again … and again … and again, and then over again.

@chrislmendonca #imbeautifulbecause I embrace all of me, quirks, gifts, joys, & challenges…

To see all the declarations of beauty, click here.


Stay beaYOUtiful!

Jen xo

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