So, I wanted to finish the first week of 30 Days Of Beauty 2012 by doing my first ever video. I’ve wanted to make a video for a while, but I let my fear stop me. Fear of judgement, fear of getting it wrong, fear of being vulnerable, of being rejected. But today, I did it.

I wanted my first video to be perfect; shot at a great location, with a great view of the ocean, on a sunny day, and with me knowing exactly what I wanted to say. None of that happened.

But it’s still perfect, only not in the ways that I expected…



How You Can Help:

30 Days Of Beauty 2012 is supporting Lady GaGa’s Born This Way Foundation! Donate to this amazing cause through our crowdrise page by clicking here or on button above. {We are not official representatives of the BTWFoundation, just passionate believers in the cause.}

And tweet, blog, vlog, and share what puts the YOU in beaYOUtiful every day in April. Use the hashtag #imbeautifulbecause.


30 Days Of Beauty: Week 1 Tweets

Day 1: #imbeautifulbecause I never give up on what I believe in.

Day 2: #imbeautifulbecause I am made from stardust.

Day 3: #imbeautifulbecause I’m reminding myself that I am enough, right now, just as I am.

Day 4: #imbeautifulbecause I know that only love is real.

Day 5: #imbeautifulbecause I am open to all the good things coming my way.

Day 6: #imbeautifulbecause I smile at myself in the mirror.

Day 7: #imbeautifulbecause I’m letting go of perfection.






My most favourite part of 30 Days Of Beauty is seeing all the declarations of beauty from women on Twitter. Here’s a few #imbeautifulbecause tweets

@laughinglife7: #imbeautifulbecause I want to do things that make a difference #30daysofbeauty

@smashedplanet #imbeautifulbecause I don’t follow. I lead.

@toriphile81 #imbeautifulbecause I have a creative spirit.

@jessica_morrow #imbeautifulbecause I love pajamas so much, they take up 2 of my drawers, and I sometimes wear them all day.

@alifeprofound #imbeautifulbecause I believe in strong love and loud laughter!

To see all the declarations of beauty, click here.


The April issue of Wild Sister Magazine is all about 30 Days Of Beauty, too! In fact, one of our Wild Sisters, Natasha from Creative Nachos, was so inspired by the latest issue that she made this awesome video:



Thank you so much for supporting 30 Days Of Beauty, and for having the courage to declare your true beauty to the world. These words from Oprah sum up the importance of this cause so perfectly:



Self-Love on Pinterest

Follow this Self-Love board on Pinterest and use it as inspiration for your 30 Days Of Beauty journey.


Stay beaYOUtiful,

Jen xo

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