For a while now, I wanted to create something I could use to help me focus on my gratitude and goals more. Today, I was feeling extra creative, so I went to my DIY board on Pinterest and found a cool, simple craft to do that could also improve my gratitude practice. It was a glass jar with a ‘Dear Universe’ label on it, exactly how I would begin a note of thanks.

So, I found an old jar and started painting…


Once the turquoise base was dry, I painted a lotus and added a few polka dots…



And I popped my first note to the Universe in it!


Now it sits on my desk in my office, where I will see it and be inspired by it everyday. I love the colours, and even though it’s a bit messy, I think it’s pretty cool.

I might even pick up some stencils and proper glass paint tomorrow and make some more – maybe a few different themed ones, like ‘I’m Beautiful Because…’ or ‘Reasons Why I’m Awesome,’ or even an ‘I Love You’ jar.

Who wants one? 😉

Jen xoxo


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  3. Tjhelser says:

    I so love the colors, the way they blend are so fluid.You created a lot of texture with just paint on glass. Nice!

    I also love the sentiment behind all this. It’s a fantastic way to practice self-affrimations. I really think I must have one for my art desk. Thanks for sharing.

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