The amazing fire-starter Danielle LaPorte has launched a series one her blog called The Burning Question, in which she asks, well, a burning question, and we answer. The question this week is “How do you want it all to feel?” Danielle wrote her own delicious answer to this question, and here is mine:

I want opening my eyes in the morning to feel like a celebration, Christmas, birthdays, and the first day of vacation all in one.

I want love to feel like sunlight on my skin, flowers in bloom, butterflies and birdsong.

I want my work to feel like a river, flowing through the earth and sparkling in the sunshine, purifying and energizing to everyone it reaches.

I want my body to feel like a tall oak tree, strong, powerful, connected to the earth and the Universe.

I want my thoughts to feel like prayers, inviting all the goodness of the Universe into my life.

I want my spirit to feel like dancing, like wild horses running through the woods, like an eagle soaring above the clouds.

I want my laughter to feel like rainbow bubblegum ice-cream with sprinkles and fairy floss.

I want my challenges to feel like an exciting adventure, full of rope swings and discoveries that lead me to the solid gold lesson at the end.

I want my successes to feel like reaching the top of a mountain, with amazing views and gratitude for the journey.

I want my writing to feel like channelling the most magical secrets of the Universe.

I want my art to feel like meditation, teaching me to remember my divinity, and seeing it in others.

I want my day to feel like sunshine on my window, bright, warm, and magical.

I want my friendships to feel like a thousand burning candles, picnics in the park, and blue skies.

I want closing my eyes at the end of the day to feel like the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Thanks for the burning question, Danielle. Answer this queston for yourself, see what comes through, and share it at the end of Danielle’s post.

Stay beautiful,



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  1. Jess Morrow says:

    Jen … I loved this! Poetic and gorgeous. I wrote a post in response to this too. Danielle comes up with the coolest stuff–she’s so inspiring. and so are you!! I especially loved the part about “bubble gum ice cream with sprinkles and fairy floss) … among many others. xo

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