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Hello beautiful!

I am SO excited to bring you this month’s My Smiling Heart interview!

Tricia Huffman is an amazingly inspiring woman who not only creates her own path in life, but she also created her own dream job! Tricia is a Joyologist – how awesome is that?!

Tricia tours around the world as the resident Joyologist with one of my absolute favourite musos; Jason Mraz, as well as many other talented people. Her role sees her creating delicious, healthy, meals for her tour family, leads yoga sessions, gives hugs and a shoulder to lean on, and uses her creative magic to make the dressing rooms happy and peaceful.

It is so freakin’ awesome to see this amazing woman create her life everyday, no matter what. This wonderful lady is such a sparkly, shining rainbow in our world; someone we can all learn from. I am so happy to have her here today!


Tell us a bit about how you became a Joyologist?

My father passed away suddenly and it hit me that so many people are not fully living their lives while they have the chance. I knew that I wanted everyone to fully live and fully love their lives. I originially created to tour with bands because that is the world that I worked in previously. I am continuously creating more ways to serve and inspire.


What is a typical day on tour like for you as a Joyologist?

That varies by day, show, artist, etc. But it is really all in who I am being at all times. I am there to maintain the physical and mental health of the artists. This includes making super energizing yummy meals, leading yoga, making the dressing room a welcoming, cozy enviroment, talking things out with them, and more.


Do you know what things you need to do on a regular basis in order to maintain your own joy? What are they?

Taking care of yourself takes care of the whole. I take care of myself by practicing yoga, exercising and eatings foods that make me feel good. I take care of myself. I take breaks. I call on people to support me and hear me when I want to talk things out and get them out of my head. I enjoy life. All of it. I let go of doubts, shame, blame, fears.


What advice would you give to someone who is going through a challenging time?

It is all learning. Life always works out. There is so much to be grateful for. A hill is just a hill, until it is not a hill anymore.


Why do you think it is so important that we create our own paths in life rather than follow the paths of others?

We are all our own individuals. By serving ourselves and following our passions we can most fully serve others.


What has creating your own path in life taught you most?

Everything really is possible.


What wise words do you live by?

Let your heart lead you. Hold Space. Let go. The only person who can make you feel inferior is myself. I am who I am.  Be love. (Most of these are all tattoos on my body).


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What is something you are really proud of?

That I have always followed my heart, even when everyone else thinks that it makes no sense at all.


What inspires you?

Everything. Seriously. Life inspires me. Loss inspires me. There is not one thing that I can think of that does not inspire me.


What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given? Who gave it to you?

Honestly, it was advice I gave myself when I was 15, lost, and desperate. I told myself that nothing else mattered as long as I loved myself.


What are you most grateful for?

Being alive.


How can someone become their own Joyologist?

By seeing that everything in life is their choice. That we create our own experience of life.




What exciting things are coming up next for you?

New website, your joyologist iphone app, merchandise line using my inspiring sayings, book, more webinars, tour!


What makes your heart smile?

What doesn’t? It all does. Life is amazing. I laugh and smile with my whole body all of the time, especially when seeing how ridiculous many of my thoughts are.

You can find Tricia’s blog here, check out her webinar’s here, become a fan on facebook, and follow on twitter.




Thank you so much for being here, Tricia! Welcome to the My Smiling Heart family!


Double rainbows and shooting stars,

Jen ♥

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  1. heaven says:

    .love. : )

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t do yoga but being a joyologist sounds like it should be right up my street 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is such a great interview and I want to share this title! I want to be a Joyologist :)))
    In fact, I think I am one already. Thanks for sharing

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