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Today, I would like to introduce you to our latest, wonderful, super-mega awesome sponsor – Scattering Stars Art!

Created by the amazing Christine Long, this blog features shiny, happy art! I love the positivity in all that Christine creates, but most of all, I love that she shares her creative process on her blog.

I always love seeing how other artists create their masterpieces, from inspiration to completion. Here’s what Christine says about her creative process:

“I only create when I’m feeling happy and peaceful, when the world is beautiful and I’m filled with well-being, enjoying being me and having my life! So, the first thing I do is to get myself tuned up to that well-being, and THEN create!

That way, I can express that serenity, happiness and sense of beauty on the canvas or paper. That’s the whole point, for me~ expressing beautiful emotions and thereby sharing them with the ones who come to own the piece!

I also try to do a blessing or reiki on each finished piece.”

Here are some of Christine’s gorgeous artworks:





You can find out more about Christine and Scattering Stars Art on her blog, twitter and etsy.

Thank you so much for sponsoring My Smiling Heart, Christine!

If you are interested in sponsoring My Smiling Heart and helping us grow into all that we can be, send an email to admin@mysmilingheart.org with ‘Sponsor’ in the subject line.

Have a magically beautiful day!

Jen ♥

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  1. Christine says:

    Thank you so much for this, Jen! I bless you with all good things on your new My Smiling Heart Vision Kit!

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